FILTHY Message, ANIMALS movement

Filthy Animal$™ is a luxury streetwear brand that represents the struggle and grind of modern-day youth. Headquartered in the concrete jungle of New York City, it symbolizes our animalistic personalities, forged from hardship itself. More than just a clothing line, our brand illustrates the time and energy we Animal$ devote to achieving our goals.

We represent the underrepresented - the hungry beast inside us all. We are your daily reminder that we can do anything and everything we set our minds to. We break past barriers and limits as we will not be caged. Let us help you tap into the primal instincts that are natural to every one of us.

Life is finite, but our impact can be endless. It is our duty to ensure that all Animal$ continue to coexist and thrive with us. 3% of all Filthy Animal$™ profits are donated to the Conservation of Forest and Wildlife. Push forward and give back.